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Johnie Berntsson - Sweden
WS Ranking: 12

Flux Team

Johnie is a two-time winner of the Argo Group Gold Cup (2008, 2014) and four-time runner-up (2011, ’12, ’18, ’19). He started his career as an optimist sailor but quickly progressed into a keelboat at age twelve and made his debut in match racing in 1997. Since then he competed all over the world also winning the European Championship (2009), Congressional Cup (2009) and Scandinavian Championship (2008). In 2011, the Swedish Sailing Federation named Johnie and his team, FLUX Team, “Swedish Sailors of the Year.” He is always a favourite in Bermuda and is one of the few ‘seasoned’ match racers that holds down a career. The WMRT described him as ‘the Smiling Assassin’ and it is true, you cannot feel too bad losing a match to Johnie as he is a consummate gentleman on and off the racecourse.

Crew: Björn Lundgren, Oscar Angervall, Robert Skarp