hamiltonharbour map racecourse2019The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club presents the Bermuda Gold Cup. This is a WS Grade WC event, sailed in identically matched IOD sloops on the Hamilton Harbour adjacent to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Barr's Bay Park and The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. Then venue brings world-class match racing close to shore where spectators can easily watch the competition. 2020 is the 70th edition of this historic race and is also the 2020 Open Match Racing World Championship.

There are 16 international Top 20 world ranked teams, including the 2019 defending World Champion and five of the six WMRT Card Holders, along with one Bermudian team, set to compete in some very intense racing.

First Stage: The teams are spit into two groups of eight. The groups will complete a single round robin. The top three teams from each group will go forward to the Quarter Finals. The bottom team in each group is elminated. The remaining four teams from each group go forward to the Repechage

Second Stage: The eight teams that make up the repechage will compete in a single round robin. The top two will move forward to the Quarter Finals.

Third and Fourth Stage: The Quarter Finals and Semi-finals are both a first-to-three points knock-out series. The top ranking team gets to pick their opponent in these 2 stages, and so on. The leading two teams of the Semi Finals will move on to the Finals whilst the two runner up's move to the Petite Finals.

Fifth Stage: The Finals and Petite Finals take place on Friday. The day starts with the Petite Finals which is a first-to-two points knock-out series. The two leading teams will then go head to head in the Finals, a first-to-three point knock-out series to determine the winner of the 2020 Bermuda Gold Cup, the recipients of the King Edward VII Gold Cup, & Open World Match Racing Champion, to be presented in a Prize Presentation which takes place after racing on the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Hardstand.