BGC20D1 Borch 800w

1500 HOURS

Jeppe Borch’s Borch Racing Team (above) and Johnie Berntsson’s Berntsson’s Sailing Team have advanced to the Quarterfinal Round of the 70th Bermuda Gold Cup. Borch finished the Repechage Round with a 6-1 record while Berntsson posted a 5-2 mark.

They join Chris Poole’s Riptide Racing, Ian Williams’s Team GAC Pindar, Phil Robertson’s China One Ningbo, Torvar Mirsky’s Mirsky Racing Team, Eric Monnin’s Capvis Swiss Match Race Team, and Taylor Canfield’s Stars+Stripes in the next round.

The pairings for the quarterfinals are yet to be decided but the winner of each match will be the first to score three points. The quarters are scheduled for 0930 tomorrow morning.

Repechage Round Provisional Standings
1. Jeppe Borch, 6-1
2. Johnie Berntsson, 5-2
3. Nicklas Dackhammar, 4-3
4. Anna Ostling, 3-4
5. Matthew Whitfield, 3-4
6. Lance Fraser, 3-4
7. Jelmer van Beek, 2-5
8. Mati Sepp, 2-5

Flight 6
M1: Sepp b. Borch
M2: Whitfield b. Berntsson
M3: Fraser b. Dackhammar
M4: van Beek b. Östling

Flight 7
M1: Fraser b. Sepp
M2: Dackhammar b. Östling
M3: Borch b. Whitfield
M4: Berntsson b. van Beek

1315 HOURS

After five flights of the Repechage Round Jeppe Borch (above) and Johnie Berntsson have the inside track to the Quarterfinal Round. Borch has won all five of his matches while Berntsson is 4-1. Borch won a crucial match against Nicklas Dackhammar in Flight 5 while Berntsson beat Dackhammar in Flight 4. Those are important tiebreak victories for both skippers with just two flights remaining.

Dackhammar and Anna Östling are both 3-2 but would need victories in their final two matches as well as help from other crews in order to gain one of the two top spots. Matthew Whitfield is 2-3, while Mati Sepp, Jelmer van Beek and Lance Fraser are all 1-4.

Flight 3
M1: Johnie Berntsson b. Lance Fraser
M2: Matthew Whitfield b. Jelmer van Beek
M3: Jeppe Borch b. Anna Östling
M4: Nicklas Dackhammar b. Mati Sepp

Flight 4
M1: Whitfield b. Fraser
M2: Borch b. van Beek
M3: Ostling b. Sepp
M4: Berntsson b. Dackhammar

Flight 5
M1: Ostling b. Whitfield
M2: Borch b. Dackhammar
M3: Berntsson b. Sepp
M4: Fraser b. van Beek

BGC20D0 Dackh 800w

1125 HOURS

Nicklas Dackhammar (above) and Jeppe Borch have forged 2-0 records after the first two flights of the Repechage Round. Dackhammar beat Matthew Whitfield and Jelmer van Beek while Borch beat Lance Fraser and Johnie Berntsson, which could be an important tie-breaker come the end of the round.

The wind continues to blow between 5 and 10 knots from the west, the lightest conditions of the week.

Flight 1
M1: Nicklas Dackhammar b. Matthew Whitfield
M2: Jelmer van Beek b. Mati Sepp
M3: Jeppe Borch b. Lance Fraser
M4: Johnie Berntsson b. Anna Östling

Flight 2
M1: Dackhammar b. van Beek
M2: Borch b. Berntsson
M3: Östling b. Fraser
M4: Sepp b. Whitfield

BGC20D2 MW 800w

0820 Hours

Welcome to Day 3 of the 70th Bermuda Gold Cup and 2020 Open Match Racing World Championship, the “second chance” day.

Today’s racing features the eight crews in the Repechage Round. Six crews have advanced to tomorrow’s Quarterfinal Round and two crews have been eliminated. That leaves the eight remaining crews sailing the Repechage Round with the top two advancing to the quarterfinals.

Today’s round features Nicklas Dackhammar’s Essiq Racing Team, Johnie Berntsson’s Berntsson Sailing Team, Anna Östling’s Team WINGS, and Matthew Whitfield’s Dragon Racing Team (above) from Group A and Jeppe Borch’s Borch Racing Team, Team Dutch Wave, Mati Sepp’s Gleam Energy Sailing Team and Lance Fraser’s Team RCYC from Group B.

The eight crews will sail a seven-flight round robin, leaving little margin for error if they want to continue their sailing year. The conditions are looking to be the lightest of the week, with the southwesterly breeze on Hamilton Harbour blowing between 5 and 10 knots this morning.

Racing is scheduled to begin with the first warning signal set for 0930. Check back throughout the day for more updates.